October 2021-April 2022

Online and In-Person Hybrid

Held primarily online through a mix of self-paced and live content with an in-person graduation weekend to conclude the training.  At a time when we are all feeling disconnected from the people and places we love, this training invites you to connect with a deep sense of knowing and trust. Connect to your inner guide, your intuitive wisdom, and remember that all you need is already within you.

Seek the Unexpected

What lies underneath the layers you’ve learned to protect yourself with? This training will help you dive deep into who you truly are inside to identify your soul’s purpose: your dharma. It is easy to lose ourselves, but you are still there and this is your invitation to reconnect with yourself through the practice of yoga–unlocking tools for spiritual, emotional, and mental growth through physical asana.

Seek Multiple Perspectives

Many yoga teacher training programs are led by a single individual or specific branch of yoga, limiting your exploration of the diverse and global practice that is yoga. This training is led by both Audrey Jansen & Jess Ryan, who work together as a team to weave their experiences and perspectives together for a well-balanced training. In addition to having two primary teachers as your guide, other experts will be brought into the training to speak on topics such as anatomy, philosophy, and meditation.

We are actively seeking diverse perspectives on the practice of yoga. If you or someone you know are educated on a topic of yoga and represent the BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, or persons with disabilities please reach out to us at hello@seekyogastudio.com.

Seek Knowledge

You will practice a variety of yoga styles in this training with an emphasis on Vinyasa (or flow) yoga. Rather than being taught to memorize a set sequence, you will have the opportunity to find freedom in your practice, and if you are called to teach, your teaching. You will learn postural alignment, effective sequencing, and how to intuitively adapt a practice for your own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Meet our faculty

Audrey Jansen

Audrey Jansen

For me, yoga teacher training was a transformative experience. I graduated my 200 HR YTT with a deeper understanding of myself and how yoga could support me on my journey. I also built meaningful, lifelong relationships with my peers and teachers. These connections, to myself and others, fed my soul and planted seeds for my future. Now, as I think about how to hold this space for others, I am filled with gratitude. This is the work that matters–for me, for you, and for our world. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned in my practice and personal study over the past decade in addition to the knowledge I have gained from the trainings of other professional yoga teachers. My career background is in business and marketing, so I also look forward to helping those who want to become teachers build an authentic brand as professional yoga teachers. You’re here for a reason, and this practice exists to help you explore and connect to the deeper parts of yourself that know why. 

Jess Ryan

Jess Ryan

Right now we are all being called to dig deeper and find the grounded wisdom within. Yoga Teacher Trainings have always been a catalyst for this type of inner awareness and growth––and access to that wisdom is needed now, more than ever. As a teacher, mentor, student, healer, and mother, I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2004. My practice has followed me through, anchored me, and changed through all of those journeys. I co-founded the dharma. Integrative Yoga Teacher Training and have been training yoga teachers and offering continuing education since 2011. Additionally, as a mental health therapist, Reiki Master Trainer, and Shamanic Practitioner, I incorporate trauma-informed, evidence-based tools from mental health therapy, ancestral and collective trauma healing, somatic work, and energy studies to create a healing environment for you to find your unique voice and power in this world.

Seek Self Study

This training includes an unlimited membership to Seek Yoga Studio for the duration of the program including livestream, virtual, pre-recorded, outdoor, and in-studio classes. Wherever you choose to join this journey from, you will have daily access to practices that help you look within and build a consistent practice.

Other things to know:

  • You can take this training from anywhere in the world with our hybrid online and in-person format
  • This training is not only for those who wish to become yoga teachers, but also for anyone who wishes to deepen their own practice.
  • We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, which means those who complete the program are eligible to become registered 200 Hour Yoga Teachers with YA.
Course Dates

Online Weekend Intensives:
October 15-17
November 12-14
December 10-12
January 7-9
February 4-6
March 4-6

We will hold our final YTT weekend in-person at Seek Yoga Studio in Laramie, Wyoming April 8th-10th. During online intensive weekends you will have the option to attend our live asana practices in-person at the studio (these are held at 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday and 5:30 PM on Sunday.)

Course Format

We will meet online once a month October-March for a weekend intensive that includes both livestream and pre-recorded content (giving you the option to stick with the weekend intensive format or to spread the content out during the month). You will complete additional pre-recorded content throughout each month, but must be present for the scheduled livestream times on YTT weekends. You will also have the option to attend our 3 live asana practices in-person at the studio. We will seal this training with an in-person training weekend and graduation at Seek Yoga Studio in Laramie, Wyoming. 

Course Curriculum
  • Technique, Training, Practice
    ○ Asana breakdown
    ○ Providing Assists and Adjustments
    ○ Intro to Sanskrit
    ○ Principles of Restorative and Yin Yoga and Meridians
    ○ Foundations of Vinyasa (or “flow” yoga)
    ○ Pranayama and the Chakras
    ○ Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    ○ Energetic and Physical Anatomy
    ○ Physiology
    ○ Biomechanics and Comparative Anatomy
  • Yoga Humanities
    ○ Yamas & Niyamas
    ○ The Yoga Sutras
    ○ Bhagavad Gita
    ○ The Ethics of Yoga
    ○ Cultural Appropriation and Social Justice
    ○ Branches of Yoga
    ○ The History and Modernization of Yoga
    ○ The Psychology of Yoga
    ○ The Great Work of Your Life: Dharma Study
  • Professional Essentials
    ○ Practice Teaching
    ○ Sequencing and Theming a Vinyasa Practice
    ○ Creating a Container
    ○ Yoga as a Profession and Building Your Brand
    ○ The Basics of Teaching Yoga Online
    ○ Teaching Philosophy
    ○ Practicum


Non-refundable $300 deposit required to hold your spot (as space is limited) and applied to your tuition once accepted into YTT. This deposit is due within 48 hours of acceptance.

Early-Bird Tuition: Pay-in-full by September 15 for a $300 discount and total tuition of $2,100 (includes deposit).

Full Tuition: $2,400 (includes the $300 deposit). Tuition must be paid-in-full prior to October 8th (one week prior to our first training weekend) or a payment plan started. If beginning your payment plan in October, you will invest $300/month.

You are welcome to start your payment plan sooner in order to decrease the payment amount per month.


Your answers to these questions do not fully determine your eligibility for this training but rather inform us of your background so that we can teach with awareness and ensure that we are a good fit for one another. We are looking for students who have a foundational practice, desire to learn more about themselves and yoga, and are committed to the process of going through a yoga teacher training.

The Schedule

This training is delivered in three parts: weekend intensives, self-paced online content, and an in-person (and outdoor-based) retreat.

The Weekend Intensives

The weekend intensives (one weekend a month, October-March) will consist of both livestream and pre-recorded online content and a sample schedule is below:

Friday: On Fridays, you will complete a pre-recorded Vinyasa flow practice before we spend the evening together for a livestream lecture and discussion on training content.

Saturday: On Saturdays, you will begin your day with a pre-recorded meditation practice and then join us livestream for a Vinyasa flow practice. There will be various other pre-recorded lectures for you to complete during the day and we come back together in the evening for livestream lecture and discussion on training content.

Sunday: On Sundays, you will begin your day with a pre-recorded meditation practice and then join us livestream for a Vinyasa flow practice and experiential content. There will be various pre-recorded lectures for you to complete during the day and we come back together in the afternoon for livestream discussion and practice teaching before sealing the weekend with a livestream Yin/Restorative practice and group discussion.


Self-Paced Online

Self-paced online content and homework:

There will be pre-recorded content for you to complete in-between weekends alongside homework and reading.

In-Person Graduation

Our in-person graduation and final training weekend will be held at Seek Yoga Studio located in Laramie, Wyoming.

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