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Vinyasa Flow

This is the practice that we share the most at Seek. Vinyasa flow is an all-levels class that guides you to follow your breath as you move through a series of warming stretches and dynamic exploration, sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, and cooling shapes.


Rise & Flow

Take your time waking up and moving into your body for the day with an all levels hatha-vinyasa flow class. In hatha yoga, poses are held a little longer and there is a focus on blending bodily postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana).

This class combines hatha with vinyasa flow to provide opportunity for you to move with your breath and wake the body and mind up for the day.



Join us in-studio to slow down, feel your breath, and let go of tension in this yin & restorative based class that will help calm your nervous system and encourage stillness. About yin: yin yoga is a quiet physical and mental practice that allows us to target the connective tissues in the body while holding poses for 1-5 minutes. About restorative: restorative yoga is a soothing practice that utilizes the support of props (blankets, bolsters, and blocks) to allow for restful postures with little to no muscular sensation held for several minutes. You’ll want to dress extra warm and cozy for this practice!


Slow Flow

A soothing flow designed to bring balance to body and mind through slow movement and longer-held poses. Slowing everything down allows us to focus on our breath and explore what each pose has to offer. A great class for beginners or anyone who wants to slow it down.

Stretch & Flow

Stretch & Flow is a soothing practice that begins with passive and dynamic stretching before guiding you into slow-flowing movement. This class is the perfect midday break to bring balance to your body and mind!


Wake up peacefully in this class that begins with longer hold poses and dynamic stretching before finding breath to movement flow that will energize your being: a blend of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. This class allows you to practice both stillness and action, leaving you feeling balanced and ready for a new day.

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